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C. Rao

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Location of the stilbenedisulfonate binding site of the human erythrocyte anion-exchange system by resonance energy transfer (1979)
Oxidative Cleavage of Oximes with Triethylammonium Chlorochromate (1983)
"The Recent Industrial Progress of Mysore" / (1935)
Competition, Strategy, and Price Dynamics: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation / (1985)
Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Properties and Applications / (2007)
Exchange-coupled clusters as catalyst precursors: comparison of monomeric and trimeric acetylacetonates (1981)
Evaluation of benzene as a charge exchange reagent (1978)
Synthesis and structural systematics of ethane-1,2-dithiolato complexes (1986)
Crystal and molecular structures of alkali- and alkaline-earth-metal complexes of N,N-dimethylformamide (1984)
Holes in the oxygen (2p) valence bands and the concomitant formation of peroxide-like species in metal oxides: their role in metallicity and superconductivity (1987)
Additions and Corrections - Zoanthamine: A Novel Alkaloid from a Marine Zoanthid (1985)
Zoanthamine; a novel alkaloid from a marine zoanthid (1984)
Spectroscopic studies of ion solvation. Interaction of alkali and alkaline earth cations and protons with electron donors (1975)
Structural aspects of high-temperature cuprate superconductors (1989)
Configuration of Vaccenic Acid1 (1948)
Veröffentlichungen zu Wrzolek, M.
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Wrzolek, M.A. The effect of zinc on vitamin D"3-induced cardiac necrosis
in: Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, in: Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology . - Amsterdam : Elsevier, ISSN 0022-2828, ZDB-ID 1469767-1 Vol. 17, No. 2 (1985), p. 109-117
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Kozlowski, P. B., Brudkowska, J., ... Microencephaly in children congenitally infected with human immunodeficiency virus – a gross-anatomical morphometric study
in: Acta neuropathologica , ISSN 1432-0533, Vol. 93 (2. 1997), p. 136-145
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Rosemberg, S., Telxelra, M. J., ... Abstracts
in: Journal of neuro-oncology , ISSN 1573-7373, Vol. 24 (1. 1995), p. 125-139
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