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George E. Fox

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weitere Veröffentlichungen von George E. Fox:
Azatetralone synthesis via regioselective Grignard coupling and Parham cyclization (1992)
Conjugates of cis-4-Hydroxy-L-proline and Poly(PEG-Lys), a Water Soluble Poly(ether urethane): Synthesis and Evaluation of Antifibrotic Effects in vitro and in vivo (1994)
Comparisons of self-assembled monolayers on silver and gold: mixed monolayers derived from HS(CH2)21X and HS(CH2)10Y (X, Y = CH3, CH2OH) have similar properties (1991)
The VFW — A case study in the “iron law of oligarchy” and goal displacement (1981)
5S RNA secondary structure (1975)
The melding of morphology and molecular phylogeny: Insight into ancestral prokaryotic phenotypes (1996)
A Genomically Modified Marker Strain of Escherichia coli (1998)
The architecture of 5S rRNA and its relation to function (1975)
The concept of cellular evolution (1977)
The nucleotide sequence ofBeneckea harveyi 5S rRNA (1981)
Widespread distribution of a 7S RNA in archaebacteria (1985)
Do genealogical patterns in purple photosynthetic bacteria reflect interspecific gene transfer? (1980)
PCR amplification of 16S rDNA from lyophilized cell cultures facilitates studies in molecular systematics (1990)
Higher plant origins and the phylogeny of green algae (1990)
Experimental investigation of an RNA sequence space (1993)
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Fox, George E., Martin, Kirt A., ... Bacterial operons containing components of the translation machinery are of great antiquity
in: Origins of life and evolution of the biospheres , ISSN 1573-0875, Vol. 26 (3/5. 1996), p. 493-493
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Siefert, Janet L., Martin, Kirt A., ... Conserved Gene Clusters in Bacterial Genomes Provide Further Support for the Primacy of RNA
in: Journal of molecular evolution , ISSN 1432-1432, Vol. 45 (5. 1997), p. 467-472
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Gibbs (Co-principal Investigator), Richard A., Weinstock (Principal Investigator), George M., ... Genome sequence of the Brown Norway rat yields insights into mammalian evolution
in: Nature . - London [u.a.] : Nature Publising Group, ISSN 1476-4687, Vol. 428, No. 6982 (2004), p. 493-521
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