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J. G. Chi

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Chemistry and spectroscopy of binuclear platinum diphosphite complexes (1985)
Generation of binuclear (d8.d8)p.sigma. platinum and rhodium complexes by pulse radiolysis (1984)
Application of Stokes' law to ions in aqueous solution (1990)
Effect of lipids and carbohydrates on thermal generation of volatiles from commercial zein (1987)
Photochemical Reactions. XIII.1 A Total Synthesis of (±)-Thujopsene (1964)
Terpenes. I. Structure and Synthesis of the C17H20 Hydrocarbon Obtained by Dehydrogenation of Agathic Acid (1954)
Synthesis of 1-Epicyclocolorenone and Stereochemistry of Cyclocolorenone1 (1966)
The Structures of Mitorubrin and Mitorubrinol (1965)
The Base-catalyzed Dimerization of 3-Substituted Cyclohexenones (1958)
Terpenes. XIX.1 Synthesis of Patchouli Alcohol2 (1964)
Photochemical Reactions. XII.1,2 Addition Reactions of Olefins and Acetylenes with Benzonitrile (1963)
Reversible and in situ formation of organic arsenates and vanadates as organic phosphate mimics in enzymatic reactions: mechanistic investigation of aldol reactions and synthetic applications (1989)
Enzyme Catalysis in Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry (1991)
Elimination Reactions of Bicyclic Quaternary Salts. I. The Base Degradation of Tropinone Methiodide1 (1955)
Radiation Degradation Study of Poly(methyl α-chloroacrylate) and the Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer (1978)
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Nam, Do-Hyun, Cho, Byung-Kyu, ... Intramedullary anaplastic oligodendroglioma in a child
in: Child's nervous system , ISSN 1433-0350, Vol. 14 (3. 1998), p. 127-130
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Yang, Hee Jin, Nam, Do Hyun, ... Supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor in children: clinical features, treatment outcome and prognostic factors
in: Child's nervous system , ISSN 1433-0350, Vol. 15 (8. 1999), p. 377-383
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Lee, Dong-Yeob, Kim, Yeon-Mee, ... Congenital glioblastoma diagnosed by fetal sonography
in: Child's nervous system , ISSN 1433-0350, Vol. 15 (4. 1999), p. 197-201
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