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M. Di Rosa

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weitere Veröffentlichungen von M. Di Rosa:
Enhancement of N-nitrosamine formation on granular-activated carbon from N-methylaniline and nitrite (1986)
Endogenous nitric oxide modulates morphine-induced constipation (1991)
Glucocorticoids inhibit the induction of nitric oxide synthase in macrophages (1990)
β-Endorphin Concentrations in Pituitary and Brain Areas of Animals Bearing Pituitary Hormone Secreting Tumors (1983)
Nitric oxide inhibits neutrophil infiltration in the reverse passive Arthus reaction in rat skin (1998)
Collision broadening and shift of NO γ(0, 0) absorption lines by O"2 and H"2O at high temperatures (1994)
^1^3C NMR spectroscopy of ω-cycloalkyl fatty acids (1979)
Sequence of a sea urchin hsp70 gene and its 5' flanking region (1990)
Developmektal expression of spectrins in neuronal cells (1990)
Identification of several species of phospholipase inhibitory protein(s) by radioimmunoassay for lipomodulin (1982)
Abnormalities of psychomotor development schizophrenia: A rehabilitation perspective (1993)
Pyrolysis of glass-hardened polyamides used in the automotive industry (1997)
Morphogenesis of the frontal organ in Bufo bufo during development (1990)
A study of ethane decomposition in a shock tube using laser absorption of CH3 (1993)
A shock tube study of methyl-methyl reactions between 1200 and 2400 K (1995)
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Sautebin, L., Ianaro, A., ... Cyclooxygenase-2-dependent generation of 8-epiprostaglandin F2α by lipopolysaccharide-activated J774 macrophages
in: Inflammation research , ISSN 1420-908X, Vol. 48 (9. 1999), p. 503-508
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Ialenti, A., Ianaro, A., ... Nitric oxide inhibits leucocyte migration in carrageenin-induced rat pleurisy
in: Inflammation research , ISSN 1420-908X, Vol. 49 (8. 2000), p. 411-417
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