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N. D. Chuvylkin

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A simple method for quantitative estimation of C-H bond lengths in hydrocarbon radical cations (1996)
Semiempirical quantum-chemical methods for examining σ-electron systems and calculation of σ-electron radicals (1971)
Simple semiempirical scheme for calculating the spin density in the organic addends of a paramagnetic complex (1972)
Selection of geometrical parameters for free radicals in semiempirical calculations of hyperfine in teraction constants (1972)
Calculations of the isotropic hyperfine coupling constants in free radicals (1973)
Calculation of the spin-spin interactions in molecules by the RHF/SP method (1973)
Distribution of spin density in complexes of Ni(II) with ethylenediamine and 1,3-diaminopropane (1971)
Spin polarization of π electron systems in σ electron radicals I. Modification of McLachlan's method (1970)
Quantum chemical investigation of the mechanism of the reaction of pyridines with trichloromethylarenes (1995)
Relationships and features of electrophilic substitution reactions in the azole series (1996)
Isotropic hyperfine interaction with the fluorine nuclei in fluorinated aromatic radicals (1969)
Spin polarization of π-system electrons in σ-electron radicals (1970)
Theoretical interpretation of the linear relationship between the hyperfine-structure constants in molecules and their radicals (1972)
Computation of the hyperfine splitting constants for the HĊO radical (1972)
Use of a method of spin polarization in calculations of the π-contribution to the spin-spin interaction constant (1973)
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Shchapin, I. Yu., Fel'dman, V. I., ... ESR and quantum-chemical studies of the structure and thermal transformations of vinylcyclopropane radical cations in irradiated frozen Freon matrices. Simulation of radical...
in: Russian chemical bulletin , ISSN 1573-9171, Vol. 44 (2. 1995), p. 203-227
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Abstract Thermal trasfomations of vinylcyclopropane (VCP) radical cations (RC) in X-ray irradiated frozen Freon matrices, CFCl2CF2Cl and CFCl3, were studed by ESR. Radical processes involving VCP.+ in very rarefied and moderately thickened gaseous VCP were simulated. Monomolecular cleavage of the... mehr
Copyright: Copyright 1995 Plenum Publishing Corporation mehr
beteiligte Personen: Shchapin, I. Yu. , Fel'dman, V. I. , Belevskii, V. N. , Donskaya, N. A. , Chuvylkin, N. D.
Erschienen: 1995.
Serie: Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2000 [Dig. Serial]
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Solkan, V. N., Zhidomirov, G. M., ... Calculation of J11B, H spin-spin coupling constants by method of finite perturbations
in: Russian chemical bulletin , ISSN 1573-9171, Vol. 23 (11. 1974), p. 2532-2534
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Bogdanov, V. S., Turuta, A. M., ... 13C NMR spectra of 20-ketosteroids with 16α,17α three-membered ring
in: Russian chemical bulletin , ISSN 1573-9171, Vol. 36 (10. 1987), p. 2029-2033
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Starostin, E. K., Mazurchik, A. A., ... Experimental and quantum-chemical study of the interaction of cyclohexanediones and their monoethylene ketals with hydrogen peroxide
in: Russian chemical bulletin , ISSN 1573-9171, Vol. 41 (1. 1992), p. 112-116
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Bazhin, N. M., Schastnev, P. V., ... EPR spectra of fluorine-containing phenoxyl radicals
in: Journal of structural chemistry , ISSN 1573-8779, Vol. 11 (6. 1971), p. 935-940
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