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Byung-Kyu Cho

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Effect of monoacrylate type in UV curable PU acrylate based bicontinuous polymer/liquid crystal networks (1998)
Bobble-head doll syndrome associated with subduroperitoneal shunt malfunction (1997)
Intracranial mesenchymal chondrosarcoma: a case report and literature review (1993)
Proximal migration and subcutaneous coiling of a peritoneal catheter: report of two cases (1995)
Intractable seizures associated with brain tumor in childhood: lesionectomy and seizure outcome (1995)
Control of intraoperative bleeding with hydrostatic pressure during endoscopic surgery (1998)
Pediatric pineal tumors: need for a direct surgical approach and complications of the occipital transtentorial approach (1998)
Cerebrospinal fluid shunt infection in children: efficiency of management protocol, rate of persistent shunt colonization, and significance of `off-antibiotics' trial (1999)
Infarction of the territory supplied by the contralateral superior cerebellar artery in a case of descending transtentorial herniation (1995)
Extrapontine myelinolysis caused by electrolyte imbalance during the management of suprasellar germ cell tumors Report of two cases (1998)
Intramedullary anaplastic oligodendroglioma in a child (1998)
Identical characteristics of the patient populations with pineal region tumors in Japan and in Korea and therapeutic modalities (1998)
Primary intramedullary spinal cord primitive neuroectodermal tumor with intracranial seeding in an infant (1996)
Neurenteric cyst: its various presentations (1999)
Congenital glioblastoma diagnosed by fetal sonography (1999)
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Kim, Chae-Yong, Wang, Kyu-Chang, ... Neurenteric cyst: its various presentations
in: Child's nervous system , ISSN 1433-0350, Vol. 15 (6/7. 1999), p. 333-341
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Lee, Dong Y., Chung, Chun K., ... Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumor: Radiological Findings (including PET, SPECT, and MRS) and Surgical Strategy
in: Journal of neuro-oncology , ISSN 1573-7373, Vol. 47 (2. 2000), p. 167-174
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