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A. Delacourte

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Abnormal tau species are produced during Alzheimer's disease neurodegenerating process (1989)
An in vitro model for the study of the neurofibrillary degeneration of the Alzheimer type (1989)
Spectroscopic study of congo red and thioflavin binding to amyloid-like proteins (1993)
Mapping of neurofibrillary degeneration in Alzheimer's disease: evaluation of heterogeneity using the quantification of abnormal tau proteins (1992)
Distribution of cortical neurofibrillary tangles in progressive supranuclear palsy: A quantitative analysis of six cases (1992)
Cortical β-amyloid (1990)
Competition of congo red and thioflavin S binding to amyloid sites in alzheimer's diseased tissue (1995)
Observation of morphological relationships between angiopathic blood vessels and degenerative neurites in Alzheimer's disease (1987)
Alzheimer's disease: A new evidence for common epitopes between microtubule associated protein Tau and paired helical filaments (PHF): Demonstration at the electron microscope level by a double immunogold labelling (1988)
Spectroscopic studies of the effect of pH on the interaction between congo red and amyloid-type proteins (1992)
Intermediate filament proteins in mouse brain cells cultured in the presence or absence of fetal calf serum (1982)
The isolation of brain 10 nm filament polypeptides from urea-extracts of brain white matter (1979)
Chemical modification of thiol group(s) in protein: Application to the study of anti-microtubular drugs binding (1987)
Characterization of mammalian neurofilament subunits by circular dichroism (1982)
Accessibility and cross-linking of native neurofilaments to chemical reagents (1984)
Veröffentlichungen zu Vermersh, P.
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Vermersh, P., Wattez, A., ... Biochemical mapping of neurofibrillary degeneration in a case of progressive supranuclear palsy: evidence for general cortical involvement
in: Acta neuropathologica , ISSN 1432-0533, Vol. 87 (6. 1994), p. 572-577
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Harms, L., Bock, A., ... Fourth metting of the European Neurological Society 25–29 June 1994 Barcelona, Spain
in: Journal of neurology , ISSN 1432-1459, Vol. 241 (1. 1994), p. 1-164
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