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J. P. Clements

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Photoabsorption spectra of gaseous methyl bromide, ethylene dibromide, nitrosyl bromide, thionyl chloride, and sulfuryl chloride (1978)
Cambridge Journals Digital Archives [Dig. Serial] (1982)
Is it possible to assess the impact of abuse on children with pervasive developmental disorders? (1995)
The calibration of ^6Li semiconductor sandwich spectrometers (1975)
Investigations of the host feeding preferences ofSitona weevils found commonly on white clover (Trifolium repens) in the UK (1994)
A rapid four column purification of 2-deoxy-D-glucoside-2-sulphamate sulphohydrolase from human liver (1983)
On the monotonic variation of the n-p total cross section with energy in the range 1.0 to 7.9 MeV (1969)
Biochemical characterization of patients and prenatal diagnosis of sialic acid storage disease for three families (1988)
The effect of annealing and mechanical constraint on the morphology structure and stiffness of ultrahigh-modulus polyethylene (1981)
Abundance and arm loss of the infaunal brittlestar Ophiophragmus filograneus (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea), with an experimental determination of regeneration rates in natural and planted seagrass beds (1994)
Ultrasonic pulse echo reflectometer (1991)
Absence of a mutagenic effect after feeding 4 anti-cancer drugs to Drosophila melanogaster (1983)
Comparison between defined-area slug traps and other methods of trapping slugs in cereal fields (1991)
Ultrasonic pulse echo reflectometer (1991)
Frequency scanning ultrasonic pulse echo reflectometer (1992)
Veröffentlichungen zu Sprafka, J. M.
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Rich, S. S., French, L. R., ... HLA-associated susceptibility to Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus: the Wadena City Health Study
in: Diabetologia , ISSN 1432-0428, Vol. 36 (3. 1993), p. 234-238
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Clements, J. P., French, L. R., ... A reassessment of fasting plasma glucose concentrations in population screening for diabetes mellitus in a community of northern European ancestry: the Wadena City Health Study
in: Acta diabetologica , ISSN 1432-5233, Vol. 31 (4. 1994), p. 187-192
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