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J. A. Becker

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weitere Veröffentlichungen von J. A. Becker:
Leitlinie „Kreuzschmerzen" (2004)
Field Emission Microscope and Flash Filament Techniques for the Study of Structure and Adsorption on Metal Surfaces (1953)
Früh- und Spätergebnisse der physikalischen Therapie beim lumbalen Diskusprolaps (1987)
Asymmetric hydroformylation and hydrocarboxylation of enamides. Synthesis of alanine and proline (1980)
Nachweis eines Aneurysmas des linken Sinus Valsalvae im Spiral-CT (1997)
Die nasale »continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP)«-Therapie bei obstruktiven schlafbezogenen Atmungsstörungen (1995)
Action of derivatives of .mu.-conotoxin GIIIA on sodium channels. Single amino acid substitutions in the toxin separately affect association and dissociation rates (1992)
The Interactive Effects of Request Form and Speaker Status on Judgments of Requests / (1989)
Vacuum Ultraviolet Photochemistry. VIII. Propylene (1965)
The Synthesis of 11,12-Oxygenated Progesterones (1965)
Structural trends in potential organic conductors based on (donor-CH2)2 tetracyanoquinodimethane molecules (1989)
Nuclear magnetic resonance conformational studies on the chemotactic tripeptide formyl-L-methionyl-L-leucyl-L-phenylalanine. A small .beta. sheet (1979)
Kinetic study of the photoisomerization of a protonated Schiff base of 11-cis-retinal over the picosecond-to-second time regimes (1985)
Preparation and Pummerer Rearrangement of β-Ketosulfoxides1,2 (1963)
Intermolecular cyclization processes in the anodic oxidation of ketene imines: formation of heterocyclic dimers and trimers (1992)
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Jakubiczka, S.. Molekulargenetische Untersuchungen am Androgenrezeptor-Gen bei Patientinnen mit PCO-Syndrom
In: Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde. - Stuttgart : Thieme Vol. 57, No. 10 (10. 1997), p. 545-548
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Hohl, G.-F.., Baranovskii, S. D.., ... Tunneling conduction in Co-cluster/tetraoctylammonium bromide/poly(phenyl-p-phenylenevinylene) nanocomposites
In: Journal of Applied Physics. - [S.l.], ISSN 1089-7550, Vol. 78, No. 12 (1995), p. 7130-7136
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Becker, J. A.., Schäfer, R.., ... Electrochemical growth of superparamagnetic cobalt clusters
In: The Journal of Chemical Physics. - College Park, Md. : Inst., ISSN 1089-7690, Vol. 103, No. 7 (1995), p. 2520-2527
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