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M. Oya

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Land use control and settlement plans in the flooded area of the City of Nagoya and its vicinity, Japan (1970)
Die Anwendung der Leucinaminopeptidase-isozyme in der Schwangerschaftsdiagnostik aus Blutspuren (1971)
Immunologic characterization of human seminal leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) and its medicolegal use (1984)
Molecular heterogeneity of human placental aminopeptidase isozymes (1975)
Conformational changes of a mitochondrial precursor protein on binding to phospholipid vesicles and SDS micelles A circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy study (1989)
Human placental aminopeptidase isozymes (1974)
A comparison of oxytocinase and L-methionine-insensitive leucine aminopeptidase during normal pregnancy (1976)
Placental and non-placental leucine aminopeptidases during normal pregnancy (1976)
Antigenic characterization of hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) protein of avian paramyxoviruses by specific antisera to isolated HN subunits (1985)
Polymorphism of EsD by isoelectric focusing: Description of the new allele EsD*Kofu and phenotyping in bloodstains (1985)
Isoenzymbestimmungen als Hilfsmittel zur Identifizierung biologischer Spuren (1986)
The rare variant ADA 6-1. First detection in a Japanese population (1987)
DIA3 phenotyping in human semen and seminal stains by isoelectric focusing (1987)
A study of crystals of binary molecular compounds formed by hydrogen bonding (1973)
Crystals of binary molecular compounds formed by hydrogen bonds (1974)
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Ellis, C. N., Coyle, D. J., ... 90th Annual Convention Poster Presentations and Abstracts
in: Diseases of the colon & rectum , ISSN 1530-0358, Vol. 34 (4. 1991), p. P1
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Alberti, K. G. M. M., Darley, J., ... Eighth annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes
in: Diabetologia , ISSN 1432-0428, Vol. 9 (1. 1973), p. 57-96
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