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Hiroshi Itoh

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weitere Veröffentlichungen von Hiroshi Itoh:
POLICYMAKING IN CONTEMPORARY JAPAN, edited by T. J. Pempel (Book Review) / (1978)
CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE BUDGET POLITICS, by John Creighton Campbell (Book Review) / (1978)
Ethynylation of Azaaromatics with Bis(tributylstannyl)acetylene in the Presence of Alkyl Chloroformate (1994)
Allylation of azoles with allyltributyltin via unstable N-(alkoxycarbonyl)azolium salts (1994)
Time-resolved and steady-state fluorescence studies of the excited-state proton transfer in 3-hydroxyflavone and 3-hydroxychromone (1982)
Amphiphilic Alternating Carbazole Copolymers: Photophysical Properties of Poly[N-vinylcarbazxole-alt-citraconic acid] in Aqueous Solution (1994)
One-Pot Synthesis of 3-Benzoyl- and 3-Acetyl-1,2,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives Using Iron(III) Nitrate (2005)
A Convenient and Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of 3-Acylisoxazoles Using Iron(III) Salts (2005)
Lipase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Crowned Ester Substrates: Metal Cation-Enhanced Reactivity and Enantioselectivity of 12-Crown-4 Ester (1994)
Preferred conformation about the C5-C6 bond of N-acetylneuraminyl(2-6)-D-galacto- and -D-glucopyranosides in solution (1991)
Cycloaddition Reaction of [60]Fullerene with 3,4-Fused Pyrrolo-3-sulfolenes (2001)
Structure-activity relationships of antibacterial 6,7- and 7,8-disubstituted 1-alkyl-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline-3-carboxylic acids (1980)
Photoinduced molecular transformations. 110. Formation of furoquinolinones via .beta.-scission of cyclobutanoxyl radicals generated from [2 + 2] photoadducts of 4-hydroxy-2-quinolone and acyclic and cyclic alkenes. X-ray crystal structure of (6a.alpha.,6b.beta.,10a.beta.,10b.alpha.)-(.+-.)-10b-acetoxy-6a,6b,7,8,9,10,10a,10b-octahydro-5-methylbenzo[3,4]cyclobuta[1,2-c]quinolin-6(5H)-one (1990)
Reaction of the iron phosphorane complex (.eta.5-C5H5)(CO)2Fe[P(O)(NEt2)(OMe)] with boron trihalides. Preparation, x-ray structure analysis, and reactivity of the iron chloro-substituted-phosphorane complex (1991)
X-ray and [Fe XIV] 5,303 Å emission from Puppis A supernova remnant (1979)
Veröffentlichungen zu Mochizuki, Yasuhisa
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Tabushi, Iwao. The first successful carbonic anhydrase model prepared through a new route to regiospecifically bifunctionalized cyclodextrin
In: American Chemical Society: Journal of the American Chemical Society. - Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, ISSN 1520-5126, Vol. 102, No. 3 (1980), p. 1152-1153
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Shinohara, Masahiro, Terada, Yoh, ... SWAP-70 is a guanine-nucleotide-exchange factor that mediates signalling of membrane ruffling
in: Nature . - London [u.a.] : Nature Publising Group, ISSN 1476-4687, Vol. 416, No. 6882 (2002), p. 759-763
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Miyazaki, Kohji, Tsutsumi, Nobuo, ... 5th Japanese Association of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery
in: Journal of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery , ISSN 1436-0691, Vol. 1 (1. 1993), p. 42-104
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