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F. Ingebretsen

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Calculation of double escape peak angular correlation attenuation coefficients for square Ge(Li) gamma detectors (1968)
An octupole transition in ^2^8Si (1965)
An octupole transition in ^2^8Si (1965)
Electromagnetic transition strengths in ^3^5Cl (1972)
Properties of the 3942 keV level in ^3^5Cl and evidence for a ground state rotational band (1970)
A multi-parameter CAMAC compatible ADC scanner (1979)
Calculation of finite angle correction coefficients and the linear polarization sensitivity for Ge(Li) detectors (1978)
Mean lives of excited states in ^2^8Al (1977)
Deep-lying νh"1"1"2 hole states in ^1^4^5Nd (1984)
The (^3He, α) strength functions in rare-earth nuclei (1984)
Lifetimes in ^4^3Sc (1972)
Evidence for rotational structure in ^4^3Sc (1970)
The particle-rotor model with pairing in the s-d shell - An analysis of the ^2^3Na nucleus (1980)
Levels excited in the ^7^0Ge(p, d)^6^9Ge and ^7^0Ge(p,t)^6^8Ge reactions (1972)
γ-decay from two-quasiparticle states populated in the ^1^6^1^,^ ^1^6^3Dy(d, t) reactions (1985)
Veröffentlichungen zu Midttun, G.
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Midttun, G.J., Ingebretsen, F., ... A multi-parameter CAMAC compatible ADC scanner
in: Nuclear Instruments and Methods, in: Nuclear Instruments and Methods . - Amsterdam : Elsevier, ISSN 0029-554X, ZDB-ID 2205646-4 Vol. 159, No. 2-3 (1979), p. 567-574
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Rekstad, J., Henriquez, A., ... The variation in γ-ray multiplicity with nuclear temperature studied in ^1^6^0Dy
in: Physics Letters B, in: Physics Letters B . - Amsterdam : Elsevier, ISSN 0370-2693, ZDB-ID 1466612-1 Vol. 117, No. 6 (1982), p. 384-386
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