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F. Federico

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Pliny's Stylistic Theory and Practice (1986)
Occurrence of pyridines and other bases in orange oil (1992)
Spatial and functional correlation between diamine-oxidase and peroxidase activities and their dependence upon de-etiolation and wounding in chick-pea stems (1990)
Properties of the polyamine oxidase from the cell wall of maize seedlings (1989)
Immunoaffinity purification and characterization of diamine oxidase from Cicer (1985)
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Memory phenomena in heterojunction structures: Evidence for suppressed thermionic emission (1988)
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A double blind randomized pilot trial of naloxone in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke (1991)
Weekly gemcitabine in advanced or metastatic solid tumors (1994)
The contribution of 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy in defining the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis (1999)
Temperature dependence of intracellular pH in higher plant cells (1982)
CT in syringomyelia: Three different aspects (1983)
Veröffentlichungen zu Lucivero, V.
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Federico, F., Lucivero, V., ... A double blind randomized pilot trial of naloxone in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke
in: Neurological sciences , ISSN 1590-3478, Vol. 12 (6. 1991), p. 557-563
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Federico, F., Simone, I.L., ... Usefulness of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in differentiating parkinsonian syndromes
in: Italian journal of neurological sciences , ISSN 1126-5442, Vol. 20 (4. 1999), p. 223-229
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Harms, L., Bock, A., ... Fourth metting of the European Neurological Society 25–29 June 1994 Barcelona, Spain
in: Journal of neurology , ISSN 1432-1459, Vol. 241 (1. 1994), p. 1-164
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