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N. Canal

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Changes in Muscular Glycogen Synthetase Activity following Denervation (1966)
Novobiocin as uncoupling agent (1958)
Induction of tryptophan-peroxydase-oxydase in rat liver by reserpine (1959)
Skeletal muscle glycogenosis type II: Biochemical and electron microscopic investigations of one case (1972)
The metabolism of cyclic-3′-5′-adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in diseased muscle (1975)
Second-order corrected Hadamard formulas (1985)
Memorial of the committee on behalf of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company (1826)
The claims of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company : to a repeal of the law of Pennsylvania, passed April 6th, 1825, entitled, "An act relative to the Delaware and Raritan Canal, to be constructed in New Jersey," and to the assent of Pennsylvania, under just and equitable provisions, to the use of the water of the Delaware, for the supply of a canal between the tide-waters of the Delaware and Raritan rivers, suitable for the passage of vessels of the burden of one hundred tons and upwards. (1826)
Richards-Rundle syndrome, cochleovestibular dysfunction and neurofibromatosis in a family (1984)
Biochemical and morphological changes induced by Triton-X 100 in skeletal muscle of rats after abdominal aorta ligation (1973)
Choline acetyltransferase activity in human muscular diseases (1976)
Memoir of the Delaware and Raritan Canal and Camden and Amboy Rail Road : April 15, 1836. (1836)
Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic properties of the blume-capel model in (1+1) and (2+1) dimensions (1986)
Correlation between multimodal evoked potentials and magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis (1989)
Phase diagram of the ANNNI model in the Hamiltonian limit (1991)
Veröffentlichungen zu Lorenzetti, I.
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M. Fusi, Francesco., Lorenzetti, I.., ... Vitronectin is an intrinsic protein of human spermatozoa released during the acrosome reaction
in: Molecular Reproduction and Development, in: Molecular Reproduction and Development . - New York, NY [u.a.] : Wiley-Liss, ISSN 1040-452X, ZDB-ID 1493888-1 Vol. 39 (3. 1994), p. 337-343
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Nemui, R., Mamoli, A., ... Polyneuropathy associated with IgA monoclonal gammopathy: a hypothesis of its pathogenesis
in: Acta neuropathologica , ISSN 1432-0533, Vol. 81 (4. 1991), p. 371-376
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Harms, L., Bock, A., ... Fourth metting of the European Neurological Society 25–29 June 1994 Barcelona, Spain
in: Journal of neurology , ISSN 1432-1459, Vol. 241 (1. 1994), p. 1-164
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