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Katashi Fukao

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Phenotypic analysis of nylon-wool-adherent suppressor cells that inhibit the effector process of tumor cell lysis by lymphokine-activated killer cells in patients with advanced gastric carcinoma (1994)
Expression of intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM-1) during the development of invasion and/or metastasis of gastric carcinoma (1992)
Evaluation of Esophageal Bile Reflux After Total Gastrectomy by Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Dual Scintigraphy (1999)
Evaluation of esophageal bile reflux after total gastrectomy by gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary dual scintigraphy (1999)
Presence of hematopoietic stem cells in the adult liver (1996)
Lymphokine-activated suppressor (LAS) cells in patients with gastric carcinoma (1989)
The prevention of postoperative intraperitoneal adhesions by tranilast:N-(3′,4′-dimethoxycinnamoyl)anthranilic acid (1999)
The Prevention of Postoperative Intraperitoneal Adhesions by Tranilast: N-(3′,4′-dimethoxycinnamoyl)Anthranilic Acid (1999)
The role of intraoperative radiation therapy in the treatment of bile duct cancer (1988)
Primary diaphragmatic schwannoma with a typical target appearance: Correlation of CT and MR imagings and histologic findings (1996)
Invasive potentials of gastric carcinoma cell lines: role of α 2 and α 6 integrins in invasion (1997)
Invasive potentials of gastric carcinoma cell lines: Role of α2 and α6 integrins in invasion (1997)
Primary malignant hemangiopericytoma of the breast: Report of a case (1999)
Primary Malignant Hemangiopericytoma of the Breast: Report of a Case (1999)
Effect of fat volume on postoperative complications and survival rate after D2 dissection for gastric cancer (2000)
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Nakamura, Katsutoshi, Nozue, Mutsumi, ... Natural history of a spontaneous dissecting aneurysm of the proximal superior mesenteric artery: Report of a case
in: Surgery today , ISSN 1436-2813, Vol. 27 (3. 1997), p. 272-274
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Miyazaki, Kohji, Tsutsumi, Nobuo, ... 5th Japanese Association of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery
in: Journal of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery , ISSN 1436-0691, Vol. 1 (1. 1993), p. 42-104
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