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Peter P. Edwards

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The transition to the metallic state (1982)
Phase separation in metal solutions and expanded fluid metals (1981)
Magnetic resonance studies of alkali metals in nonaqueous solvents (1984)
Magnetic relaxation of localized and itinerant electron states in metal solutions (1980)
Homogenise, divide and rule: an essay on "Segmented Work, Divided Workers" (reviewing: David Gordon, Richard Edwards and Michael Reich, "Segmented Work, Divided Workers: the Historical Transformation of Labor in the United States" / (1984)
Trapped electron pairs (1988)
From solvated electrons to metal anions: Electronic structure and dynamics (1985)
Polarons, Bipolarons, and Possible High-Tc Superconductivity in Metal-Ammonia Solutions (2000)
Magnetic resonance study of the inclusion compounds of sodium in zeolites: beyond the metal particles model (1992)
Nuclear shielding in the alkali metal anions (1986)
Similarities between solvated ground states and gaseous excited states of alkali atoms (1980)
Electron spin resonance studies of extended excess electron states in frozen solutions of alkali metals in hexamethylphosphoramide (1975)
Electron spin resonance studies of localized excess electron states in frozen solutions of alkali metals in hexamethylphosphoramide (1975)
Will solid hydrogen ever be a metal? (1997)
Hydrogen, the First Alkali Metal (1996)
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Jones, Ruth., Howard, J. Anthony., ... EPR study of alkali metal atoms in hydrocarbon matricesIssued as NRCC No. 39050.
in: Organic Magnetic Resonance, in: Organic Magnetic Resonance . - Chichester : Wiley, ISSN 0030-4921, ZDB-ID 1475029-6 Vol. 33 (13. 1995), p. S98
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Howard, James A.. Electron paramagnetic resonance study of the reaction of ground-state aluminum atoms with ammonia in a rotating cryostat
In: American Chemical Society: Journal of the American Chemical Society. - Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, ISSN 1520-5126, Vol. 114, No. 2 (1992), p. 474-477
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