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M. Goto

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Kageshita, T., Johno, M., ... Immunohistological detection of human malignant melanoma using monoclonal antibody to a melanoma-associated antigen
in: Archives of dermatological research , ISSN 1432-069X, Vol. 277 (4. 1985), p. 334-336
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Horiuchi, T., Johno, I., ... Plasma free fatty acids and protein binding of disopyramide during haemodialysis
in: European journal of clinical pharmacology , ISSN 1432-1041, Vol. 33 (3. 1987), p. 327-329
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Horiuchi, T., Johno, I., ... Inhibitory effect of free fatty acids on plasma protein binding of disopyramide in haemodialysis patients
in: European journal of clinical pharmacology , ISSN 1432-1041, Vol. 36 (2. 1989), p. 175-180
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