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D. G. Deppe

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weitere Veröffentlichungen von D. G. Deppe:
Thermodynamic explanation to the enhanced diffusion of base dopant in AlGaAs-GaAs npn bipolar transistors (1990)
Gain mechanism of the vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser (1990)
Self-consistent eigenmode analysis of the dielectrically apertured Fabry–Perot microcavity (1997)
Tunneling transport and diffusion in weakly coupled quantum dot ensembles (1998)
Quantum-dot vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser based on the Purcell effect (1999)
Atom diffusion and impurity-induced layer disordering in quantum well III-V semiconductor heterostructures (1988)
Spontaneous emission from a dipole in a semiconductor microcavity (1991)
Optical gain enhancement in Fabry–Perot microcavity lasers (1992)
Spontaneous emission and optical gain in a Fabry–Perot microcavity (1992)
Low threshold vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers based on high contrast distributed Bragg reflectors (1997)
Improved performance of oxide-confined vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers using a tunnel injection active region (1997)
Electron and hole tunneling in a moderate density quantum dot ensemble with shallow confinement potentials (1998)
Electroluminescence efficiency of 1.3 μm wavelength InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots (1998)
Quantum dimensionality, entropy, and the modulation response of quantum dot lasers (2000)
Spontaneous coupling to planar and index-confined quasimodes of Fabry–Pérot microcavities (1995)
Veröffentlichungen zu Huffaker, T C.
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Huffaker, T C., Hoyt, M A., ... Genetic Analysis of the Yeast Cytoskeleton
in: Annual Review of Genetics, in: Annual Review of Genetics. - Palo Alto, Calif., ISSN 0066-4197 Vol. 21 (1987), p. 259-284
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Deng, H.., Lin, C. C.., ... Temperature dependence of the transverse lasing mode in vertical-cavity lasers
In: Journal of Applied Physics. - [S.l.], ISSN 1089-7550, Vol. 77, No. 6 (1995), p. 2279-2286
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Deppe, D. G.., Huffaker, D. L.., ... First-order phase transition in a laser threshold
In: Applied Physics Letters. - Woodbury, NY : Inst., ISSN 1077-3118, Vol. 60, No. 25 (1992), p. 3081-3083
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