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V. F. Anufrienko

Veröffentlichungen von V. F. Anufrienko zu Geraseva, N. A. ->
weitere Veröffentlichungen von V. F. Anufrienko:
ESR identification of formation stages for TiCl3 particles in catalysts for isoprene polymerization (1991)
An investigation of the state of divalent copper in CuNaY zeolites by the method of diffuse reflection spectroscopy (1977)
Spectroscopic investigation of divalent copper in a CuO-MgO catalyst (1977)
Characteristic features of the state of d1 ions in the sites and interstitial positions of the rutile structure from EPR data (1982)
State of copper in massive Cu−V−Mo oxide systems (1992)
Effect of ligand exchange on the EPR spectra of the cupric diethyldithiocarbamate complex (1971)
The study of the reaction of bis-chelate compounds of copper(II) with electron-donor bases by ESR and NMR methods (1975)
The ESR of adducts of copper(II) bis-acetylacetona tes with phosphines (1977)
Spectral observation of alkylated Ti3+ complexes in catalytic systems TiCl4+AlR3 (1990)
Interpretation of energy stability for Ti 2 7+ and Ti 2 6+ dimers (1989)
Interaction of tribenzyltitanium with butadiene (1992)
ESR investigation of the adducts of planar copper complexes (1974)
A study of the line widths in the ESR spectra of copper (II) diethyldithiocarbamate in solution (1972)
Identification of exchange-coupled V4+ and Cu2+ ions in Cu−V−Mo oxide systems (1992)
Peculiarities of ESR spectra of V−Ti oxide systems (1994)
Veröffentlichungen zu Geraseva, N. A.
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Geraseva, N. A., Shklyaev, A. A., ... Electron paramagnetic resonance of copper bis-(2-hydroxy-substituted camphorates) and their adducts with donor bases
in: Journal of structural chemistry , ISSN 1573-8779, Vol. 16 (5. 1976), p. 719-723
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Geraseva, N. A., Shklyaev, A. A., ... Adducts of β-diketonato-complexes of vo2+ and Cu2+, from ESR data
in: Journal of structural chemistry , ISSN 1573-8779, Vol. 19 (4. 1979), p. 570-575
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Glazkov, Yu. Yu., Geraseva, L. A., ... Study of the physical constants of a uranium graphite reactor lattice by means of a sub-critical assembly
in: Atomic energy , ISSN 1573-8205, Vol. 11 (1. 1962), p. 641-647
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