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P. S. Aguilar

Veröffentlichungen von P. S. Aguilar zu Fozard, J. B. ->
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Genotype difference in rice postgermination growth under hypoxia (1994)
Work hardening behavior of prestrained steel in tensile and torsion tests (2000)
Reconstruction of rectovaginal fistula with sphincter disruption by combining rectal mucosal advancement flap and anal sphincteroplasty (1999)
Equation of motion of domain walls and equivalent circuits in soft ferromagnetic materials : 38th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. (1994)
Common hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm secondary to pancreatitis (1994)
The high intracellular ph buffering of hagfish (Eptatretus cirrhatus) dental plate retractor muscle cannot be attributed to the known histidine-related compounds present in other vertebrates (1991)
Spatial solitons in photorefractive Bi12TiO20 with drift mechanism of nonlinearity (1994)
A mutational study of the ArcA-P binding sequences in the aldA promoter of Escherichia coli (1999)
Novel non-productively bound ribonuclease inhibitor complexes - high resolution X-ray refinement studies on the binding of RNase-A to cytidylyl-2',5'-guanosine (2',5'CpG) and deoxycytidylyl-3',5'-guanosine (3',5'dCpdG) (1991)
Crystallization and Preliminary Crystallographic Characterization of Aspartic Proteinase-A from Baker's Yeast and Its Complexes with Inhibitors (1993)
Colonoscopic bowel preparations—Which one? (1995)
Copper Resistance and Accumulation in the Zygomycete Mucor rouxii (1996)
Study of the reactionsπ − p→K 0(890) Λ,K 0(890)Σ 0 andK 0(890)Σ 0 at 3.95 GeV/c (1980)
Study of theK s 0 K s 0 system produced in the reactionπ − p→K s 0 K s 0 n at 3.95 GeV/c (1980)
Study of the reactionsπ − p→K 0 ∑ 0(1385) andπ − p→K + ∑ −(1385) at 3.95 GeV/c (1980)
Veröffentlichungen zu Fozard, J. B.
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Rosen, L., Reed, J., ... Abstracts
in: Diseases of the colon & rectum , ISSN 1530-0358, Vol. 33 (6. 1990), p. P2
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Lechner, P., Lind, P., ... American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons 91st Annual Convention Podium and Poster abstracts
in: Diseases of the colon & rectum , ISSN 1530-0358, Vol. 35 (5. 1992), p. P1
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