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D.J Prockop

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Synthesis of Collagen (1962)
The Zipper-Like Folding of Collagen Triple Helices and the Effects of Mutations that Disrupt the Zipper (1991)
Incorporation of proline analogues into collagen polypeptides Effects on the production of extracellular procollagen and on the stability of the triple-helical structure of the molecule (1974)
Synthesis and extrusion of collagen by freshly isolated cells from chick embryo tendon (1971)
A rapid and simple PCR-based protocol for isolation or large cDNAs from differetially expressed genes (1994)
Puromycin inhibition of collagen synthesis as evidence for a ribosomal or post-ribosomal site for the hydroxylation of proline (1964)
Variations in the glycosylation of the collagen synthesized by chick embryo cartilage effects of development and several hormones (1970)
Time lag in the secretion of collagen by matrix-free tendon cells and inhibition of the secretory process by colchicine and vinblastine (1972)
Biosynthesis of abnormal collagens with amino acid analogues - I. Incorporation of l-azetidine-2-carboxylic acid and cis-4-fluoro-l-proline into protocollagen and collagen (1969)
Hydroxylation of proline in particulate fractions from cartilage (1965)
Synthesis and secretion of under-hydroxylated procollagen at various temperatures by cells subject to temporary anoxia (1974)
A specific method for the analysis of hydroxyproline in tissues and urine (1960)
A rapid assay for ^1^4C-labeled hydroxylysine in collagen and related materials (1969)
Quantitative assay for hydroxylysine in protein hydrolyzates (1971)
A method for the simultaneous measurement of the radioactivity of proline-C^1^4 and hydroxyproline-C^1^4 in biological materials (1962)
Veröffentlichungen zu Fertala, A.
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fertala, A., Holmes, D.F., ... Transmission electron microscopy analysis of recombinant human type II collagen fibrils
in: Matrix Biology, in: Matrix Biology . - Amsterdam : Elsevier, ISSN 0945-053X, ZDB-ID 2005263-7 Vol. 14, No. 5 (1994), p. 359
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Ganguly, A., Clouston, H., ... Targeted insertions of two exogenous collagen genes into both alleles of their endogenous loci in cultured human cells. The insertions are directed by relatively short fragments...
in: Matrix Biology, in: Matrix Biology . - Amsterdam : Elsevier, ISSN 0945-053X, ZDB-ID 2005263-7 Vol. 14, No. 5 (1994), p. 405
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