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P. R. Bär

Veröffentlichungen von P. R. Bär zu Driessen-Kletter, M. F. ->
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Veröffentlichungen zu Driessen-Kletter, M. F.
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Driessen-Kletter, M. F., Amelink, G. J., ... Myoglobin is a sensitive marker of increased muscle membrane vulnerability
in: Journal of neurology , ISSN 1432-1459, Vol. 237 (4. 1990), p. 234-238
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Driessen-Kletter, M. F., Bär, P. R., ... A striking correlation between muscle damage after exercise and mitochondrial dysfunction in patients with chronic external ophthalmoplegia
in: Journal of inherited metabolic disease , ISSN 1573-2665, ZDB-ID 2006875X Vol. 10 (2. 1987), p. 252-255
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