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Panos Deloukas

Veröffentlichungen von Panos Deloukas zu Donnelly (Chair), Peter ->
weitere Veröffentlichungen von Panos Deloukas:
Comparison of human genetic and sequence-based physical maps (2001)
An evaluation of HapMap sample size and tagging SNP performance in large-scale empirical and simulated data sets (2005)
Population genomics of human gene expression (2007)
A first-generation linkage disequilibrium map of human chromosome 22 (2002)
Convergent adaptation of human lactase persistence in Africa and Europe (2007)
A high-resolution HLA and SNP haplotype map for disease association studies in the extended human MHC (2006)
Sequence variants in the autophagy gene IRGM and multiple other replicating loci contribute to Crohn's disease susceptibility (2007)
A genome-wide association study for celiac disease identifies risk variants in the region harboring IL2 and IL21 (2007)
Association scan of 14,500 nonsynonymous SNPs in four diseases identifies autoimmunity variants (2007)
The International HapMap Project (2003)
Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome (2001)
Localization of type 1 diabetes susceptibility to the MHC class I genes HLA-B and HLA-A (2007)
A second generation human haplotype map of over 3.1 million SNPs (2007)
Genome-wide detection and characterization of positive selection in human populations (2007)
Genome-wide association study of 14,000 cases of seven common diseases and 3,000 shared controls (2007)
Veröffentlichungen zu Donnelly (Chair), Peter
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Gibbs, Richard A., Belmont, John W., ... The International HapMap Project
in: Nature . - London [u.a.] : Nature Publising Group, ISSN 1476-4687, Vol. 426, No. 6968 (2003), p. 789-796
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Burton, Paul R, Clayton, David G, ... Association scan of 14,500 nonsynonymous SNPs in four diseases identifies autoimmunity variants
in: Nature genetics . - New York, NY : Nature America, ISSN 1546-1718, Vol. 39, No. 11 (2007), p. 1329-1337
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