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Stephan Beck

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Applications of dioxetane chemiluminescent probes to molecular biology [Erratum to document cited in CA113(19):168233d] (1991)
Applications of dioxetane chemiluminescent probes to molecular biology (1990)
Hydrocarbon-Bridged Metal Complexes. 32. Addition of Chalcogen Cluster Anions [Fe2(CO)6E2]2- (E = S, Te) to Unsaturated Hydrocarbons of Cationic Complexes: Synthesis and Structure of New .mu.-Hydrocarbon Complexes (1995)
Aqueous Soap Solutions of Carcinogenic Hydrocarbons (1943)
Spontaneous Regression of Histologically Marlignant Tumours Induced in Rabbits by 9: 10-Dimethyl-1: 2-Benzanthracene (1945)
Experimentelle Erzeugung einer Disposition zum Teerkrebs an Tieren (1927)
Membrane electrophoresis of DNA (1993)
Human cytomegalovirus encodes a glycoprotein homologous to MHC class-I antigens (1988)
From genomics to epigenomics: a loftier view of life (1999)
Crystal Structure, Solid-state Polymerization, and Ionic Conductivity of Alkali Salts of Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids, 4Part 3: Ref.[1].. Investigations on Lithium Sorbate (1996)
MHCDB — database of the human MHC (1994)
A complex between the MHC class I homologue encoded by human cytomegalovirus and β2 microglobulin (1990)
Chemie der Isoblausäure. VIII. Protonierung eines ‚mobilen‘ Cyanoliganden: cis-[(μ-CNH2)Fe2Cp2(CO)3]X (X = Cl, BF4, PF6, I)Professor Dietrich Mootz zum 60. Geburtstage gewidmet (1993)
Kohlenwasserstoffverbrückte Komplexe, XXX. Nucleophile Addition von Carbonylmetallaten an kationische Vinyl-, Dien-, Dienyl- und Trien-Komplexe von Eisen, Ruthenium und Cobalt: Zwei-, drei-, vier- und fünfkernige Komplexe mit σ,σ- und σ,π-KohlenwasserstoffbrückenHerrn Professor Ekkehard Lindner zum 60. Geburtstag gewidmet. (1994)
Veröffentlichungen zu Coulson, Charles A..
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Schwartz, Maurice E.. Dipole moments, atomic charges, and carbon inner-shell binding energies of the fluorinated methanes
In: American Chemical Society: Journal of the American Chemical Society. - Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, ISSN 1520-5126, Vol. 92, No. 3 (1970), p. 447-450
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Naylor, T., Bailey, J., ... The May 1985 superoutburst of OY Carinae: I. Structure of the outer disk from optical and IR observations
in: Astrophysics and space science , ISSN 1572-946X, Vol. 130 (1/2. 1987), p. 365-369
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Chinwalla, Asif T., Cook, Lisa L., ... Initial sequencing and comparative analysis of the mouse genome
in: Nature . - London [u.a.] : Nature Publising Group, ISSN 1476-4687, Vol. 420, No. 6915 (2002), p. 520-562
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Ross, Mark T., Grafham, Darren V., ... The DNA sequence of the human X chromosome
in: Nature . - London [u.a.] : Nature Publising Group, ISSN 1476-4687, Vol. 434, No. 7031 (2005), p. 325-337
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