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M. Chatel

Veröffentlichungen von M. Chatel zu Chanalet, Sa. Lagrange J. L. ->
weitere Veröffentlichungen von M. Chatel:
Leukoencephalopathy in multiple myeloma: Two case reports (1999)
High-performance liquid chromatographic measurement of cerebrospinal fluid tetrahydrobiopterin, neopterin, homovanillic acid and 5-hydroxindoleacetic acid in neurological diseases (1994)
Crystal structure of 5-(p-methoxyphenylamino)indane and AM1 calculations on N-arylamines derivatives, precursors of phenothiazine drugs (1998)
Preface (1977)
Recurrent bowel occlusion with oral ondansetron with no side effects of the intravenous route: A previously unknown adverse event (1997)
Polyamines in human brain tumors (1984)
Brain tumor protein synthesis and histological grades: A study by positron emission tomography (PET) with C11-L-Methionine (1986)
Solitary meningeal plasmacytomas (1997)
A conformation-dependent monoclonal antibody against active chicken acetylcholinesterase (1993)
Effect of HECNU in malignant supratentorial gliomas — a phase II study (1988)
Responsiveness of plasma aldosterone: Dependency upon basal secretory activity (1978)
Macroscopic shape effect due to quadropole orientation in single crystals of Mg with heavy RE impurities (1980)
Sex chromosome conversion from XY to monosomy X to XX in brain tumor cells (1994)
Nonrandom sex chromosome changes in brain tumors (1994)
A comparative Raman spectroscopic study of cholinesterases (1991)
Veröffentlichungen zu Chanalet, Sa. Lagrange J. L.
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Lebrun, C., Chanalet, S., ... Solitary meningeal plasmacytomas
in: Annals of oncology , ISSN 1569-8041, Vol. 8 (8. 1997), p. 791-795
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Derlon, J. M., Petit-taboué, M. C., ... Abstracts
in: Journal of neuro-oncology , ISSN 1573-7373, Vol. 21 (1. 1994), p. 1-77
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