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S. Ashley

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The Failure of Gambetta's "Grand Ministère" / (1975)
Practice of Analytical Chemistry (1952)
Electroanalysis (1952)
Electrolytic Separations. Separation by Electroanalysis (1950)
Electroanalysis (1949)
Index for X-Ray Powder Diffraction Patterns (1948)
Progress Report on Naming Analytical Methods (1947)
Colorimetric Determination of Traces of Metals. By E. B. Sandell (1945)
Spectrophotometric Methods in Modern Analytical Chemistry (1939)
Complete Removal of Ferric Chloride from Solution (1938)
Helen Rehr, ed., "Milestones in Social Work and Medicine: Social-Health Care Concepts" (Book Review) / (1984)
Nickel-Catalyzed Electrophilic Amination of Organozinc Halides (2005)
Synthesis and aquation kinetics of cis-bis(oxalato)diazidochromate(III) and cis-bis(oxalato)azidoaquochromate(III) (1974)
The Perceived Size of Coins in Normal and Hypnotically Induced Economic States. / (1951)
Determining volatile organic compounds in human blood from a large sample population by using purge and trap gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (1992)
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Brazil, G. M., Clayton, C. L., ... Development of DNA probes for cytotoxin and enterotoxin genes in enteric bacteria
in: Cellular and molecular life sciences , ISSN 1420-9071, Vol. 44 (10. 1988), p. 848-853
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Brazil, L., Thomas, R., ... Verbally administered Barthel Index as functional assessment in brain tumour patients
in: Journal of neuro-oncology , ISSN 1573-7373, Vol. 34 (2. 1997), p. 187-192
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Turco-Sandroff, F. S.., Nahory, R. E.., ... Molecular beam epitaxy of ZnSe1−xTex ternary alloys
In: Applied Physics Letters. - Woodbury, NY : Inst., ISSN 1077-3118, Vol. 58, No. 15 (1991), p. 1611-1613
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Derlon, J. M., Petit-taboué, M. C., ... Abstracts
in: Journal of neuro-oncology , ISSN 1573-7373, Vol. 21 (1. 1994), p. 1-77
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