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Boen, R., Bouteillon, J. The electrodeposition of silicon in fluoride melts
in: Journal of applied electrochemistry , ISSN 1572-8838, Vol. 13 (3. 1983), p. 277-288
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Abstract A fused LiF-NaF-KF mixture was selected as a solvent for the preparation of electrolytic silicon, since they are the best alkali halides mixtures for the stabilization of the fluorosilicates. The solvent was purified by pre-electrolysis and treatment with HF. Consistent with the... mehr
Copyright: Copyright 1983 Chapman and Hall Ltd. mehr
beteiligte Personen: Boen, R. , Bouteillon, J.
Erschienen: 1983.
Serie: Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2000 [Dig. Serial]
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Vail, David J., Lucero, R. Joseph, ... The relationship between socioeconomic variables and major mental illness in the counties of a midwestern state
in: Community mental health journal , ISSN 1573-2789, Vol. 2 (3. 1966), p. 211-212
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Clements, J. P., French, L. R., ... A reassessment of fasting plasma glucose concentrations in population screening for diabetes mellitus in a community of northern European ancestry: the Wadena City Health Study
in: Acta diabetologica , ISSN 1432-5233, Vol. 31 (4. 1994), p. 187-192
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