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V. Boekelheide

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[2.2](2,6)Pyridinoparacyclophane-1,9-diene. Perpendicular orientation of two aromatic rings (1974)
Transformation of sulfide linkages to carbon-carbon double bonds. Syntheses of [2.2]metaparacyclophane-1,9-dienes (1974)
[2.2.2](1,3,5)Cyclophane and its derivatives. Extreme example of face-to-face crowding of aromatic rings (1973)
Syntheses of fused aromatic heterocycles by 1,3-dipolar addition reactions. 1,3a-Diazapentalenes (1968)
Aromatic Molecules Bearing Substituents within the Cavity of the π-Electron Cloud. Synthesis of trans-15,16-Diethyldihydropyrene1,2 (1967)
Aromatic Molecules Bearing Substituents within the Cavity of the π-Electron Cloud. Synthesis of trans-15,16-Dimethyldihydropyrene1,2 (1967)
A Study of the Synthesis and Properties of 2H-Benz[cd]azulene and Related Compounds1,2 (1966)
2,7-Diacetoxy-trans-15,16-Dimethyl-15,16-Dihydropyrene. A Novel Aromatic System with Methyl Groups Internal to the π-Electron Cloud1 (1963)
Pyridine and its Derivatives. (1961)
A Correlation of Some Electrophilic Substitution Reactions of Cycl[3.2.2]azine1 (1961)
The Formation of Pyrrocolines by the Reaction of Dimethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate with Heterocyclic Zwitterions1 (1961)
Additions and Corrections: Amine Oxides. Cyclic Quaternary Salts and their Decomposition (1959)
Syntheses of 14,15,16,17-Tetrahydroerythrinane1,2 (1959)
A Single Hofmann Degradation of C-Curarine-I and its Structural Implications1,2 (1959)
Syntheses of Pyrrocolines Unsubstituted in the Five-membered Ring1 (1959)
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Schweitzer, D., Hausser, K.H., ... Electronic spectra and triplet state properties of superphane
in: Chemical Physics, in: Chemical Physics . - Amsterdam : Elsevier, ISSN 0301-0104, ZDB-ID 1501546-4 Vol. 110, No. 1 (1986), p. 93-101
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Jones, Alan John. Carbon-13 magnetic resonance. XVI. Chemical shifts in acepleiadiene and acepleiadylene
In: American Chemical Society: Journal of the American Chemical Society. - Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, ISSN 1520-5126, Vol. 92, No. 8 (1970), p. 2395-2398
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