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G. H. Ballantyne

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Genetic fine structure and complementation at the albino locus in spider mites (Tetranychus species: Acarina) (1969)
Principles of insect chemosterilization (1969)
Genetic and biochemical comparisons of organophosphate resistance between strains of spider mites (Tetranychus species: Acari) (1967)
The effect of exercise, thyroid status and insulin-induced hypoglycaemia on the Achilles tendon reflex time in man (1981)
Laparoscopic colon and rectal surgery at a VA hospital (1996)
Cyclic AMP-mediated release of peptide YY (PYY) from the isolated perfused rabbit distal colon (1993)
Lipoprotein concentrations in untreated adult onset diabetes mellitus and the relationship of the fasting plasma triglyceride concentration to insulin secretion (1977)
Role of early reperfusion in the induction of adhesion molecules and cytokines in previously ischemic myocardium (1995)
Abstracts (1990)
American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons 91st Annual Convention Podium and Poster abstracts (1992)
90th Annual Convention Poster Presentations and Abstracts (1991)
Veröffentlichungen zu Begos, D.
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Begos, J.D. The diaries of adolescent girls
in: Women's Studies International Forum, in: Women's Studies International Forum . - Amsterdam : Elsevier, ISSN 0277-5395, ZDB-ID 2019828-0 Vol. 10, No. 1 (1987), p. 69-74
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Begos, D. G., Arsenault, J., ... Laparoscopic colon and rectal surgery at a VA hospital
Vol. 10 (11. 1996), p. 1050-1056
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Bargmann-Leyder, N., Thiébaut, D., ... High-speed chiral separation of beta-blockers by supercritical fluid chromatography on ChyRoSine-A
in: Chromatographia , ISSN 1612-1112, Vol. 39 (11/12. 1994), p. 673-681
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Rosen, L., Reed, J., ... Abstracts
in: Diseases of the colon & rectum , ISSN 1530-0358, Vol. 33 (6. 1990), p. P2
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