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J. A. Beardmore

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Costa, R., Beardmore, J. A. Selection in a polymorphism with a rare allele
in: Genetica , ISSN 1573-6857, Vol. 54 (2. 1980), p. 167-172
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Hensley, R. T., Beardmore, J. A., ... Genetic variance in Ophiomusium lymani (Ophiuroidea: Echinodermata) from lower bathyal depths in the Rocklall Trough (northeast Atlantic)
in: Marine biology , ISSN 1432-1793, Vol. 121 (3. 1995), p. 469-475
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Abstract Specimens of the deep-sea brittle-star Ophiomusium lymani were collected from six sites in the Rockall Trough (northeast Atlantic_. Four monomorphic and four polymorphic loci were detected, with up to 75 individuals screened at any one locus. The results showed little difference in... mehr
Copyright: Copyright 1995 Springer-Verlag mehr
beteiligte Personen: Hensley, R. T. , Beardmore, J. A. , Tyler, P. A.
Erschienen: 1995.
Serie: Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2000 [Dig. Serial]
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Triantaphyllidis, G. V., Criel, G. R. J., ... International Study on Artemia. LVII. Morphological and molecular characters suggest conspecificity of all bisexual European and North African Artemia populations
in: Marine biology , ISSN 1432-1793, Vol. 129 (3. 1997), p. 477-487
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Rümke, C. L., Geerts, S. J., ... Book review
in: Genetica , ISSN 1573-6857, Vol. 35 (1. 1964), p. 355-379
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